I’m a city rat, I eat cheese… video

This last Sunday, January 18, after a triumphant debut gig at Coconuts in Cocoa Beach, we got together at a colleague’s office to film a video as an entry for NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert contest. The folks at Tandem Productions did the shooting and editing, and we must say it’s a bang-up job! Hit them up for your video needs. And now, a song that always brings the house down… City Rat!


3 responses to “I’m a city rat, I eat cheese… video”

  1. Awesome guys! Someone would be proud!

  2. Only if I had a cage in my house !!! Yes only if !!! I’d make damn sure you stayed locked in it when I slept and showered that’s for orangatanga sure !!
    (i think)

  3. You’re awesome, Guys! Keep getting better and better!

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