Thomas Rex

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(J. Campbell, Herbie Hancock)

Went to the store, for GI Joes
He got that ninja who lives in the snow
He nearly pushed over Estaban
All the other Joes hit the floor

He had a can, three bean salad
and we ate it on his back porch
His Mom and Dad got real mad
They thought the cat had soiled the floor

This is a song for Thomas Rex’s son

Run DMC, not new to me
I’m going to prove my strong mentality
I am the King, there is none higher
To burn my kingdom, you must use fire

Hello Destro, you got to know
that the Baroness’ got no soul
Mercenaries getting paid
Keep your metal head in the shade

On Friday, I will go, cross the desert and over to your home
Dig a trench and let the water flow
Ride a dune buggy through our desert home
In 6th grade we’re all gangsters
Herbie Hancock, I’m break dancing yeah!

One day at school, we felt uncool
We had to sing the alphabet
Got laughed at by our friends
even Tim, who could fart on command

Cross-eyed Roderick, your hair so slick
and Kay-Kay is such a bully
He asked if we were blood or crip
We survived by neutrality
at recess they were back flipping
at the school where we learned juggling
we programmed on a vic-20
Thomas and I were mighty!

This is a song for Thomas Rex’s son!

Anthony: djembe, bvox
Cade: bass
db: frog, klaves, shakers, tambourine, bvox
Jared: kazoo, mandolin, vox
Tom: drum kit