Prayers and lies

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(J. Campbell)

She’s got some faces in her leatherette purse
Ones she shows to a friend that’s not there
All the heads have neatly combed hair
And all the faces show smiles that hurt

One of her socks is down at her shoe
As she hungrily drinks the flask
All her woman’s mind was left far behind
And she was left without a clue

Then she smiles and whispers so softly
Sighing bitterly with her brow crinkling
In her twilight she whispers prayers and lies

Two little boys play outside
The dog drags 7 cousins
Stepfather is at the shop
With a gun at the managers head

Come back kitty Come on back
Through the fence there goes Sam!
Goodbye cat down the road
In a van to Reno
Where he can hide on stage
Maybe that was no fact?
Winter fell upon our souls
And my brother fell back

He remembers before he went alone
Ivan Lloyd with his songs about Jerome
Grasshopper’s head is gone
And Aaron is Drowning

Anthony: djembe, bvox
Cade: bass, bvox
db: klaves, tambourine, bvox
Jared: mandolin, vox
Tom: drum kit