Oranga Tanga album

Track Listing

1 Elephant Company Anthony: drum kit Cade: uke, bvox db: djembe, guiro, rainstick, shakers, tambourine, vibraslap, bvox Jared: vox, keys (glockenspiel), trombone Tom: bass (special guest) Mark Brasel: bvox 5:28
2 Everybody Anthony: djembe, cowbell Cade: lead guitar, bvox db: cowbell, cymbals, guitar/flux:fx, kabasa, tambourine Jared: bass, vox Tom: drum kit, tambourine 6:09
3 Balloons Anthony: bass Cade: lead guitar db: guitar/flux:fx Jared: vox Tom: drum kit, chimes 3:58
4 Blackhole Anthony: djembe db: cymbals, vibraslap, tambourine, guitar, bvox His Cheap Moves: bass Jared: mandolin, vox Tom: drum kit, chimes 4:00
5 Binary sundae Anthony: bongos, djembe Cade: bass, guitar db: bongos, cymbals, flux:fx, kazoo, shakers, tambourine, bvox Jared: vox, kazoo, mandolin, monotribe Tom: drum kit 3:04
6 City rat Anthony: mandolin, bvox db: guitar/flux:fx, bvox His Cheap Moves: bass Jared: vox, trombone Tom: drum kit 4:17
7 Garbagehands Anthony: djembe, bvox db: guitar, bvox His Cheap Moves: bass, bvox Jared: mandolin, vox Tom: drum kit 2:01
8 8cm Anthony: djembe Cade: guitar db: bass Jared: vox, shaker, trombone, whistle Tom: drum kit 5:16
9 Crayon 64 Anthony: bass Cade: guitar db: doumbek, cymbals, roland handsonic (gong), lamp, rainstick, singing bowl, tambourine, vibraslap Jared: vox, flexatone Tom: drum kit 3:50
10 My pet vulture Anthony: djembe, bongos, bvox db: rainstick, cymbals, singing bowl, tambourine, bvox His Cheap Moves: bass, bvox Jared: vox, cymbals, mandolin Tom: drum kit, chimes 5:14
11 Marabunta Anthony: djembe, sticks, bvox db: klaves, tambourine, vibraslap, vox His Cheap Moves: vox, bass Jared: mandolin, shaker, bvox Tom: drum kit, bvox 6:21

all arrangements by Oranga Tanga

recorded, mixed, & mastered sep 2015 to may 2016 and nov 2017 to aug 2018 @ The Zone Productions by Mark Brasel

artwork by Derek Gores
photography by db + Jared Campbell
text layout by Michael W. Halberg