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(J. Campbell, b. tilford)

i rock for the zeolite stilbite, i’m post volcanic like rhyolite
i rock igneous sedimentary all the way from olivene to serpentine
i rock for the wind and the water, turning into pebbles at the bottom
i rock for the plains and the mountains; the forces of erosion!

i’m a roller for the skates and coasters, rollin up, away, back, on, in, and over
i roll for the tootsies and the -ing stones
don’t forget the dinner rolls
risin in 160 species 25 billion cells in a gram of yeasties
saccaromyces cerevisiae, mycillium

wall to wall, square, circle or oblong
we used to wear em glad that didn’t last long
fashionable functionality, traditional, contemporary
could be made of wool, silk or cotton just to walk all over it often
puttin quality in the density
let’s cut a rug

defining the division of the species, all the way with the X or the Y we’re
reproducing or attempting not to be with intense velocity
taking it home with the chromosones
introducing DNA to the moans and groans
about to explode!

Anthony: triangle
Cade: bass
db: djembe, cymbals, tambourine, vibraslap, bvox
Jared: vox
Tom: drum kit