art by Charley Deppner

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(His Cheap Moves)

(what’s that sound?)

There are over 50 species of nomadic ant on this planet.
These are the so-called army ants,
And they’re nomadic because
Unlike the ants in your backyard,
They don’t live in a hole in the ground.
These ants roam, millions strong.
Swarming over hundreds of thousands of insects and small animals
In a single day.
Killing and devouring most of them.
In Brazil, they call their local army ant
The Marabunta.


We had been traveling up the Amazon for two weeks
And had left our canoes on the shore three days before
We were cutting our way through the jungle
A solid wall of green before us
When we came across a trail,
Sliced into the ground
Straight and brown,
Like a dirt laser.
The native guides came to a halt.

They whispered…


The guides could choose to not continue.
They had that choice, they had that luxury.
I did not.
I would have to make it to my destination
Paquinho took me aside.
He gave me a gun.
“For the marabunta” he said.
A gun? What good is a gun
Against an army of ants?
I flipped open the barrel.

There was only one bullet.


Te van ha seguir…
Te van a picar!
Te van a comer!!
Te van a matar!!!

Anthony: djembe, sticks, bvox
Cade: bass, vox
db: klaves, tambourine, vibraslap, vox
Jared: mandolin, shaker, bvox
Tom: drum kit, bvox

(on the album)
HCM: bass, vox