James Nachtwey

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(J. Campbell)

Guatemala in 83
Helicopters for military
Flying righteous with sunglasses on
to get to the mass

A world away in 84
Butchers with bullets, El Salvador
The generals evacuated the soldiers
While children cried

Ethnic cleansing in Bosnia
Militiamen of Serbia
Weeping people bring the dead to life
In between the fights

Iraqi families in rubble and stone
Angry for reasons I’ll never know
Al Jazeer can’t get their message to send
and we’re all in the dark

Wars for resources
Wars for trillion$
Wars for the children
We let the bombs fall

Famine victims “living” in the Sudan
Prosthetic limbs Afghanistan
Hutu death camps in Africa stand
in the scars on the man

Heavy metals in the factory air
Half a beggar washing children’s hair
Untouchables unload a boatload of sand
Building bricks they can’t have

We are the witness
of his testimony
And we will never forget
And let it never repeat

Anthony: djembe, bvox
Cade: bass
db: bongos, tambourine, vibraslap, bvox, guitar/flux:fx
Jared: mandolin, vox
Tom: drum kit