Hippopotamus amphibius

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(J. Campbell)

The hippopotamus is semi-aquatic
living in the rivers and lakes
Aggressive creatures that kill lots of people
They can bite you right in two

Hippos look like pigs and other ungulates
Even though they’re cetaceans
Kenyapotamus the fossil example
16 million years ago today

The hippopotamus once lived in the forest and plains
He grew fatter and fatter and fatter because he ate all day

I want to live in the river! Please oh Lord. It’s Way too hot
I want to live with the fishes. Please oh Lord. The sun won’t stop!

The Lord N’gai told the hippo that he did love the fish
and that a hippo in the water would treat each one as a dish

You must change your eating habits I will protect the fish
And they are very dear to me, oh no, I cannot grant your wish

The hippopotamus thought about the wishes of the Lord
And how happy he would be if he were hot no more

Lord I won’t eat even one and I will prove this
I will spread my dung on the banks and show no bones from fish

Anthony: djembe, bvox
Cade: bass, bvox
db: djembe, bvox
Jared: mandolin, vox
Tom: drum kit