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(HCM, J. Campbell)

Granddad was the ladies man
The attache who grandma canned
North American family trends
Resonated sadly on Rio’s sands

Uncle with prosthetic leg
A taxi made his metal peg
He bragged about the time up his nose and down the hatch
And now he pushes daisies after licking his pain patch


Big brother lived a dichotomy
A right wing wacko with a leftist personality
Walked a walk and talked a talk
AM lines poisoned FM thoughts

Little brother wore a leash
Mother taught him to be a beast
Trust was only used in jest
and he just got out of juvi for stealing cigarettes


Mother sauced away the tears
Until the sauce provided tears
Then she traded sauce for pills
Then she mixed the sauce and pills

Daddy thought she was the best
Daughter was royal princess
Now he roots through the garbage
To check results of the pregnancy test


Anthony: djembe, bvox
Cade: bass, bvox
db: guitar, bvox
Jared: mandolin, vox
Tom: drum kit

(on the album)
HCM: bass, bvox