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(J. Campbell)

The sun arose and the red lights went out
Fruit stands erect to the rumbling city sounds
Sparse horns cry plight exhausting all to be
tense as it is, we slip into morality
As the infant we are fed everything

Into the day with a painted face
Bricks add making walls that we build to hide disgrace
Don’t you see? We are children!

What happened to the days of old when our daily west was won?
What happened to “Mother may I?” “Seven Potato!” or
when man was measured by how well he could cuss
It seems we’ve all been black eyed by the ultimate bully – us.

London Bridges have fallen down
Pocketful of posies. You’re doo doo brown!
Baa Baa Black sheep have you any wool?
Three blind mice have stolen three bags full.

“Redlight Greenlight!” as Simon once said
“Send someone over, you Rover of Red.”
Mother may I break your back?
Four and 20 blackbirds cool on the baker’s rack

We slip into morality, tense as it is
Exhausting all that be
Sparse horns cry plight to the rumbling city sounds
Fruit stands erect, the red lights turn on

The sun sets…

Anthony: cowbell, djembe
Cade: lead guitar
db: cowbell, cymbals, guitar/flux:fx, kabasa, tambourine
Jared: bass, vox
Tom: drum kit, tambourine