Elephant company

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(HCM, J. Campbell)

Burmese jungle
Is the everything to me
Herd family

“Pull teak!”
My human friends would ever often speak
They fed me sweets

I’ll pull it down and quake the ground
And rip the roots to build a town
I can clear an acre with you on my back
I’m in this herd pulling up your slack

A change of plans
Hello war
I heard the radio

The enemy
Is gathering
And they won’t be slow

We built the bridge
And thanks to Bill
Our engineer

We stole away
to the other shore

Closer now
The sound of shelling coming from the east
A day or so

Refugee line
The women, children, trainers, elephants,
and Bill escape

Pounding mortar thunder night
Tree silhouettes in flashing light
Through wind and rain we’ll make our way
Across the border where peace remains

A cliff revealed that reached to the sky
The humans cried

Bill finds
After hours searching for a way
A path to try

The elephants weren’t willing to climb
Bill plead with Bandoola to give it a try
One ledge to another, he let out a cry
The herd all followed Bandoola the wise

Out of war
here we go
We went across the border

The enemy
was never seen
more than a flash of mortar

We climbed the cliff
and thanks to
Bandoola the great

We found away
to escape the war


Anthony: drum kit
Cade: uke, bvox
db: djembe, guiro, rainstick, shakers, tambourine, vibraslap, bvox
Jared: vox, keys (glockenspiel), trombone
Tom: bass
Mark Brasel: bvox