Crayon 64

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(J. Campbell)

Is this now the time?
Proof for all divine?
Are thoughts establishments?
Atonic parliament?

Are aliens a fact
or just a matrix hack?
Is god love and hate?
Is patience worth the wait?

Is sex a sin?
Where guilt begins?
When will it end?
When we feel that!

Do you think we are what we say?
What have you said today?
Is your time taken or borrowed?
Is it now or ?

Could this be the time to wake?
Are you early or extremely late?
Do you have to be unique?
Are you strong? Are you weak?

What’s in your shrine?
You are divine!
Do you feel affection?
Observing your reflection?

Can you feel that mental state
Loving everything in every way
The sacred temple bell
rings within yourself

It’s now our plane to fly

Anthony: bass
Cade: guitar
db: doumbek, cymbals, roland handsonic (gong), lamp, rainstick, singing bowl, tambourine, vibraslap
Jared: vox, flexatone
Tom: drum kit