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(db, J. Campbell)

Flowing wind
on salty bay
water is warm today

Upon lime trees
our clothes do hang
While we wash our cuts away

The Island smolders close to the impact
of our former plane

La la la la la*

Coconuts feed our face
found a fishing net today

Quenching thirst
sweet water rain
Found our suitcase

At sunset I found the matches
we made a fire place

Fishing net
Ocean breaks
sip the coconut awake
Picking limes at midday
Catching fish to soak away
Clean fillets and marinate till
Galactic stars shine through

Ceviche for you!

It rains every day
but the fires are easy to make
Fish come by the net full
In no hurry to pass this away
An accidental paradise
we never signal planes

Anthony: bongos
Cade: bass
db: guitar, bvox
Jared: trombone, vox
Tom: drum kit