Binary Sundae

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(J. Campbell)

Pilot from Tattooine
taught in the ways of the force
By Obi-Wan Kenobi

With Jinn’s empowering
The force flowed through the Jedi
It flowed to the Darkside

Deceived the Jedi Knights
And Gunn were the days of the old
Made anew for the empire

Fought with Kenobi
And with the ways of his queen
Amadala Padme

Turned his power to the Darkside
Which Anakin used for the Empire
And Emperor Palpatine
With his dark mind
Chose Anakin to honor he
Anakin’s Battle with Jedi might
Disfigured him with Jedi light
Padme who fled with twins unborn
While Anakin turned a dark Sith Lord
Mandolorians armored smart
Gave Jedis war, near tore apart
And the empire in the Sith did savor
The coming of the great Lord Darth Vader

Palpatine hid away
Let Vader control the empire
Wrote the plans for the Death Star

Council of the Jedi
Deliberated all of these things and
put their faith in the great queen

Pure with honor and blades of light
Rebels found hope in alliance
And put their voices to valiant cries
Which found a threat to the empire
Padme born the two and gave up for faith
Kenobi sent Leia to Aldaraan
Luke to the barren Tatooine
Where is fuse to the force did light
Vader used the force finding his son
yet he was late for the Jedis won
Battles ensued as the dark Lord tried
He turned Jedi on the day he died

Pilot from tattooine
taught in the ways of the force

Anthony: bongos, djembe
Cade: bass, guitar
db: bongos, cymbals, fx, kazoo, shakers, tambourine, bvox
Jared: vox, kazoo, mandolin, monotribe
Tom: drum kit