8 cm

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(Jared Campbell)

He has hair and
She has hips
And on their faces
Kissing lips
But who does all the having
of the parts that they adore?

She has legs and
He has arms
Powered by glowing
ancient stars
But who does all the having
of the power that is stored

You see yourself
About 8 centimeters
Behind your eyes
toward the back of your head

Half way in
Each ear from the other
This sense of self
Is all in your head

Emotionally learning being
Looking for a puzzle piece
No picture for comparing and
Jigsaw infinity

We are one but sometimes seems
We’re all alone separately
Our entire efforts comforting
Are relatively incomplete

People care. It’s all in the timing
We can suffer or celebrate the truth
But when I celebrate and share with you the smiling
I hear my happiness echoing from you

Things come
Things go
Some things move souls
But they are traps
That come on slow

Key to the top is stuck in the lock
Of a door that isn’t locked
We’re connected to the all
But you’re waiting in the hall
Because you

Fall in love
What’s the use?
It’s happiness that captures youth
And youth provides a pathway
To the feeling that is proof

Complain you may
But what’s the point
Complaining isn’t spreading joy
And opening your heart
Is the overarching point

Anthony: djembe
Cade: guitar
db: bass
Jared: vox, shaker, trombone, whistle
Tom: drum kit